Boots and shoes

You’ll see some snorkellers wearing boots or shoes. If you've ever tried walking into the sea from a sharp rocky beach, you'll know the reason why. You don't have to wear them all the time, but sometimes they're useful.

Essentially, there are two types of snorkelling footwear:

1 Boots that can be worn with fins

These are a variation of the scuba boot, and are sometimes the same thing. Made by firms like Oceanic or Mares, they are usually black, made of neoprene, and ankle-high, though there are variations. Steve has used these for years - they tend to fill with water and are a bit ungainly, but they work fine.

If you are allergic to neoprene, you can get socks to fit inside them. We haven't used these.

Deep Blue

It’s worth looking around - prices vary enormously.


2 Shoes that can be worn on the beach

This is a new development - shoes that can be used for snorkelling, but are also suitable for beach wear. They have soft sides and a rigid bottom. They are being sold increasingly out of Germany and Croatia, people walk round villages and beaches in them, and when they want to go for a swim, they just don't bother to take them off.

These latter seem better adapted for snorkelling, provided you don't want to use them with fins. We saw an interesting pair being worn by a nature guide in Costa Rica - they had toes in them


We don’t recommend any makes of shoe, but you might want to check out these sites:

Watersports Warehouse
Two Bare Feet      
Mountain Warehouse

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