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Bali & Lombok

Situated in the Coral triangle - the Amazon of the Oceans. Lombok's Gili islands are world famous.


Easternmost island in the Caribbean. Warm days, warm seas, and a great springboard for island-hopping.


Central American country on one of the largest coral reef systems in the world. The Belize Barrier Reef...

Cape Verde

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Costa Rica

Astonishing wildlife in this unique tropical country. Loads of fish, animals you have never heard of: a different social system, and excellent environmental protection.


A coastline of 1,800 kilometres, over a thousand islands, and the turquoise clear Adriatic. A 5 euros ferry ride to a snorkelling island. What's not to like?


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Famous because Napoleon was exiled here, but this little Italian island has a lot to offer for snorkellers. 140 miles of coast, warm weather, and good visibiliy.


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The snorkellers' El Dorado, this is the place that you only see on astonishing television documentaries. But when is a good time to visit - and how easy is it to get there?


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150 km of beaches, 49 uninhabited islands, the only African country that is majority Hindu. A cocktail of cultures with some great snorkelling.


The Riviera Maya, off the Yucatan peninsula, is home to the second-largest reef in the world - the Mesoamerican, stretching all the way down to Belize. And it has an underwater sculpture park...


Hot, dry, 3,000 kms of coastline, one of the most popular diving destinations in the region. Great marine life and interesting coral reefs.

Red Sea

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St Lucia

An average water temperature of 27°C and some of the "best waters in the Caribbean" make this a place worth checking out. Tropical climate, eight hours sunshine a day, friendly people.


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A beautiful island, with stunning wildlife and great scenery. There is some magnificent snorkelling here in warm clear seas, though the island has a large tidal drop, which means often high-tide snorkelling is better.

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